Master Key Experience Week 6: Finding Magic Again

What am I not telling myself? we were challenged to ask. My little girl self had the answer as I traveled back to my 5-year-old self and the magic I loved as a kid.

Each week we have soul-searched and found words to anchor the swirling haze around what’s called our “Definite Major Purpose,” a term coined by Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich. We’re told that the clearer the “think” behind the DMP, the greater the “grow rich” impact the words will have on our subconscious as we read it to her aloud three times a day. So we write and rewrite. Each week our assigned Guide returns helpful suggestions, helping us soul-search and stretch for more and better. Each week we continue the poking around in our psyches–recently with the haunting challenge “What am I not telling myself?”

A major help was hearing that we ought to be so direct and clear in writing our DMP that it could be understood by a child. I started thinking about myself as a child and about what I was like. What am I not telling myself? Another help was encouraging us to use our imaginations. What am I not telling myself?

I imagined myself back in 1950, playing by myself in the yellow-painted cubby outside the kitchen of our apartment when I wanted quiet instead of running around all over the block with my brother and his friend, rowdily playing cowboys and other outdoor pursuits. I’d forgotten that I’d imagine myself as my favorite storybook characters–Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and more. I just loved the magic that each had in their lives! How had I forgotten the hours I’d spend that way, desperately desiring to bring magical power into my own life. Wave a wand and have pretty clothes! Have animals that talked with you! Make ugly things beautiful! I was even fascinated by the electrical sockets all over our apartment and truly enjoyed the unusual surge of energy I got poking a bobby pin into them, wondering it that was magic. Of course my parents firmly put an end to that, so then I happened on what I called my I AM game. I knew I wasn’t really any of those characters and that I didn’t yet have magic. So I would repeat “I am” over and over and over till I shivered a similar thrill to poking the electical socket–thrilling to total awareness, total consciousness for a few seconds at a time. I had finally discoverd what I wasn’t telling myself. I have always been intrigued by magic and by trying to find it by using my imagination! I had found what I’d not been telling myself!

These past two weeks have been full of pulling all these awarenesses together as I shared them on the “Heros Zoom” with others working with 2-3 other Guides. Encouraged by their feedback, I dove into writing the press release version of our DMP–the week’s assignment. I wrote at though my DMP had been accomplished. Amazingly, the “chore” part of the assignment fell away as I was finally able to incorporate my love of seeking magic in my DMP, combine it with a back-burner goal about having my own radio show again, and imagined being interviewed by a classmate back in my home town in Wyoming in the radio station where I got my first taste of the delight of broadcasting. The press release celebrated the success of my international radio show, “The Detective of Magic.” Wow!

This week the assignment is to turn our DMP into a movie poster! I’m rewriting my DMP like crazy to be able to hone and simplify the images that I will use to represent my deepest and God-given desires based on the gifts of personhood I was given and call my PPNs–my Personal Pivotal Needs: spiritual growth and helping others.

How exciting and fun all this has become in a week when the world of politics in the U.S. is helping us all publicly question who we are and what we are doing. I’m feeling so good to know that I have found what I’m not telling myself and have found how to contribute!

9 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 6: Finding Magic Again

  1. Shirley, your writing is “magic” to read, I was with you, a little girl wanting to be Cinderella…I met a five yr old today, who sang, Bipity Bobity Boop, on stage…one of those inexplicable things…I believe

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